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WAAR comprises of four disciplines, Run, Bike, Hike and Kayak, making up a 55.5K(approx) route. 

There are five different categories you can enter, to suit all levels. 

All individuals must complete all four disciplines. Run, Bike, Hike, Kayak (55.5k approx) 

Teams of four, Person 1 Run, Person 2 Bike, Person 3 Hike,  Person 4 Kayak. 

Team of Two, Person 1 Run & Kayak,  Person 2 Bike & Hike

This is an alternative WAAR Route which will comprise of three disciplines; 
All individuals must complete all three disciplines, Run (5K), Bike (33K) 
& Kayak (1K). (39k approx)  


The Duathlon course takes in the Run and Cycle Routes from the main WAAR event


Returning for 2024, WAAR Beag is a shorter course perfect for beginners. Competitors will take on two disciplines; Run (3.7k) and Bike (22.5k) 


WAAR will once again start and finish at Clg Naomh Muire, The Banks Mullaghdearg, Co. Donegal. - Taking place on 11th May 2024. 


Online Registration:
Stage 1 - Open until 20 November
Stage 2 - 21 November to 27 December
Stage 3 - 28 December to 30 March 
Stage 4 - 1 April to 8 May


Register Onsite - Friday 10 May - 5pm to 8pm

Competitor Briefing 1: 7.30 am
Competitor Briefing 2: 9.10am


WAAR will have a wave start with groups being staggered throughout the morning. 
This allows all competitors to settle into the race at their comfort from the beginning. 

Important Note
Full Event and Sprint: All seasoned competitors should enter wave 1 in full event and wave 5 in Sprint to be eligible for an overall prize. You cannot change wave on the day.

Teams are allocated wave 3 and cannot leave at any other time.


2024 Times are as follows:
(This is approx and wave starts may change closer to the time)

Competitor Briefing (waves 1-4) - 7.30 am

Wave 1 - Elites: 8.10 am
Wave 2 - 8.25 am
Wave 3 - 8.40 am

Wave 3 - Teams: 8.40 am

Wave 4 - Duathlon: 9.10 am


Competitor Briefing (waves 5-7) - 9.10 am
Wave 5 Sprint - Elite: 9.30 am

Wave 6 WAAR Beag: - 9.40 am

Wave 7 Sprint - 9.45 am

Please Note: These times are provisional and dependent on runway clearance and other factors. 


* The Mandatory Kit that has been specified for this event must be carried at all 
times. You will not be allowed to start the race without it. There will be inspections at Friday evening registration and at the start line. 

* It is advised not to take food, drink or any equipment from anybody other than 
the event marshals.

* Please obey the race organisation at all times. This includes Civil Defense, Mountain Rescue, Gardai, Volunteers and all race personnel. Failure to heed marshals will result in time penalties and/or disqualification.


* You can only use one bike. You will be given a sticker with your competitor 
number, which must be fixed on front of your bike until the race is complete.

* Kayaks are provided on the day and competitors are not permitted to bring their own kayaks.

* There is no cycling in the transition area. Walk with your bike out of transition and only mount it when you pass the marshals on the road. Similarly on your return, before re-entering transition area, you must dismount your bike. Stewards will warn cyclists to prepare to slow down/dismount.

* Drafting behind a moving vehicle will NOT be tolerated as this represents an unfair advantage & will result in automatic disqualification.

* It is your responsibility to ensure that you are time checked at each station, (which will be in the form of a mat). Mats are located at the transition areas and at the top of the hill. 
Competitors must run across the mats to log their time. 

* It is the competitors responsibility to take care of their timing chip, your timing chip is located on your race number. If you loose you number you will not receive an overall time. 

* Competitors who retire must immediately report in person to race officials at the start/finish area to inform them you are no longer on the coarse.

* Do NOT trespass. You must stay on the marked course and never cut corners. 
Any participant found outside of the marked course will be disqualified.

* If you come across a competitor in difficulty please help them first and then 
inform the nearest marshal.

* Safety personnel reserve the right to remove any competitors from the event who they believe are putting themselves or others in undue danger.

* Water stations are located at T1 and T2


* Do not leave anything behind in the Transition Areas as this may be moved or cleared after race.

* In the interest of safety ear phones, iPods, MP3 Players etc. are not allowed. 

* When paying for your entry to WAAR it is stipulated that this is a non-refundable payment. As soon as a competitor enters, costs such as admin etc. are incurred. It is not possible to transfer entries to next year’s event, we do however allow competitors to substitute their entry for another person, up to closing of registration. 


The Mandatory kit is for your own safety and you will not be allowed to start the 
race without it.

* Cycling Helmet
* Survival Blanket 
* Energy Food and Drink

* Small First-Aid Kit (Minimum 1 Dressing Pad, 1 bandage and plasters)

No Kit, No Start!

Bike best suited: 
* Road Bike with Gator Skins Tyres 


Transition Areas will work as a one-way system where all competitors must follow the same route. 

T1 - Return from run, collect bike and walk to the exit gate. Competitors are not to mount their bikes in the Transition area. 

T2 - All competitors must slow down approaching the transition area and dismount their bike, regardless of which course you are doing. Competitors who are doing the hill climb will rack their bike in the transition area and follow a clock wise route to the start of the hill. When leaving the hill you will continue in the clockwise route back to your bike. You cannot mount your bike until you have left the transition area. 

Duathlon and Team competitors who are not doing the hill climb must dismount their bikes at T2 and walk through the transition area before getting back on their bikes. T2 Map

T3 - When competitors arrive back at T3 they must dismount their bikes and follow a clockwise route to their bike rack. Bikes must be put back at their allocated slots. T3 Map

All transition areas will be included in your overall time, the only timeout on the course is at the kayak section, if there is no kayak available when you arrive your time will be stopped until one becomes available.  


Individuals will have a disposable timer inside their race number, please bear this in mind when wearing jackets etc. If you loose your race number on the course we cannot give you an overall time. It is each persons responsibility to time out at each section by running over the designated timer mats.  

Teams will have timers in the form of a relay race, where the timer will be passed from one team member to another at the end of each section. This will allow for a breakdown of times at the finish line along with your overall team time. 

All timers will be handed out at registration on Friday evening.

It is each teams responsibility to look after their timer. Lose of timer will result in a €100 fee. 


All entrants must be aged 18 and over on the day of the event.

As of 2024, all competitors taking part in WAAR must be over the age of 18.
We can no longer accept entries from minors, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Spectators are not permitted at transition areas, particularly where bikes are coming 
in/out, in order to avoid collision. There will be no access to the hill at Meenawheel, we recommend all spectators to go the Banks, Mullaghdearg and cheer all competitors across the finish line.  


Full Course

Overall Winner

1st Female               1st Male

2nd Female            2nd Male

3rd Female             3rd Male

1st Male Team 

1st Female Team​

1st Mixed Team

1st Male over 50 - Overall Course             

1st Female over 50 - Overall Course

1st Male over 60 - Overall Course             

1st Female over 60 - Overall Course


1st Female               1st Male

2nd Female            2nd Male

3rd Female             3rd Male


1st Sprint Overall

1st Male Sprint                 1st Female Sprint

2nd Male Sprint               2nd Female Sprint

3rd Male Sprint                3rd Female Sprint

1st Male over 50 - Overall Course             

1st Female over 50 - Overall Course

1st Male over 60 - Overall Course             

1st Female over 60 - Overall Course


1st WAAR Beag Overall

1st Female               1st Male

2nd Female            2nd Male

3rd Female             3rd Male

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